Kingdom is a smart random card picker for the Dominion card game. Using its deep knowledge of what every single card in the game does, and how all the cards interact with one another, Kingdom creates dynamic and interesting random setups each time you play to create a fun experience for new players and veterans alike.

Kingdom App

Kingdom Codes

Dominion is a great game to share with friends, but remembering what each card does isn’t always easy. Whenever you generate a set of cards Kingdom makes a code that can be scanned by anyone else using Kingdom, meaning that each player with a phone or tablet or laptop can read all the cards on the table whenever they want.

Kingdom Code

High Detail Scans

Using the high-detial scans of all the Dominion cards from the Dominion Strategy Wiki, each card has a high-resolution image so that the rules for all the cards on the table can be read while you’re playing.

High Detail Card Image

Platinums and Colonies

Kingdom automatically decides when to use Prosperity’s Platinum and Colony cards when playing with Prosperity. The offical rules are used, so the chance of Platinum and Colony being in the game is based on the number of Prosperity cards in the game (0 Prosperity cards means no chance, while all Prosperity cards means Platinum and Colony are guaranteed).

Events and Landmarks

Events and Landmarks are special cards that provide one-time effects and additional ways to get Victory Points. Kingdom adds Events and Landmarks to the game based on the number of cards from Adventures and Empires are being used (and won’t be included if no cards from Adventures or Empires are in the Kingdom).

High Detail Card Image

Special Setup Cases

Some cards, such as Obelisk and Young Witch have special setup cases. Don’t worry! Kingdom will generate the special setup for these cards too!

Young Witch Bane


Split Piles

For kingdom cards with split piles, such as Gladiator/Fortune or Castles, Kingdom lets you view all cards in the pile by tapping on the card.

Young Witch Bane