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HaikuBot is a friend-shaped Discord bot that detects accidental (or intentional) messages in your Discord server that can be turned into a 5-7-5 haiku, and then shows the message in haiku format. It uses a combination of algorithms and a syllable dictionary to try to be as accurate as it can (although it still sometimes makes mistakes).

HaikuBot has a few fun tricks and secrets, but mostly stays out of the way unless you interact with it or it detects a haiku. If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions for the bot, or you just want to say hi, come join the Official HaikuBot Discord Server. You can test HaikuBot in the official server, or send a private message directly to the bot to try out your haiku writing skills!


You can also support HaikuBot on Patreon. By pledging a small amount each month to the ongoing development of HaikuBot you can gain access to a cool Patreon-only badge next to your signature for each haiku, as well as the option to change the color of the bar next to haikus that you make if you are a Silver member or higher.

HaikuBot on Patreon


You can see a full list of commands for HaikuBot by using the !haiku help command.

If you still have questions, or a problem that isn't covered, the best place to ask is in the HaikuBot Discord Server. Please remember to try and provide as many details as you can for the best chance at resolving your issue.