Changing a Server’s Haiku Type

You can change the way that Haikus are formatted in your server. This can be done with the !haiku type command. There are a number of options for haiku types for your server.

To change the haiku type, the user sending the command must have the “Manage Server” permission.


!haiku type default

The way that haikus are formatted are formatted by default. This option has a gap between lines.

Normal Haiku Format


!haiku type small

A smaller format for haikus. This option has no gap between lines.

Normal Haiku Format


!haiku type tiny

A super compact format for haikus, with a ‘|’ used to separate lines.

Normal Haiku Format


!haiku type react

Don’t repost haikus at all, and instead just add a reaction to the message. This can work well with a Haiku Log if you don’t like HaikuBot interrupting your conversations.


!haiku type none

Don’t acknowledge haikus in the channel they were sent from, and only post them to the Haiku Log.